Dive into the world of Kambly at the centre of the idyllic Emmental Valley. A visit to the Kambly Experience is a great day out for the whole family. Discover the secrets of the art of fine biscuit making and regale with all your senses. Explore the origins and the world of Kambly in a playful and interactive way and enjoy moments of joy in the factory shop, the café and the confectionery.


For the 111th anniversary of Kambly, the Kambly Experience has been refreshed and surprises you with new attractions.


  • On the production trail between Trubschachen railway station and the Kambly Experience, learn about the individual production steps, from dough production to transporting the biscuits out into the wide world.
  • Enter the Kambly Experience through a typical Emmental farmhouse.
  • Explore the origins of the traditional brand in the first Kambly bakery of the young Oscar Kambly I.
  • At the raw materials wall, we will introduce you to our local raw materials suppliers and their products. Children are introduced to the topic with entertaining and tricky games.
  • Follow the production process of Kambly Biscuits on film.
  • Travel the world and learn a lot of interesting facts about Kambly’s export history in a playful way.
  • In the children’s play corner, our little guests can play train driver on the Kambly train and work as confectioners in the bakery.
  • The factory store, the café, the show confectionery and the baking atelier await you in fresh splendour.
kambly-Erlebniswelt-Karte_mobile kambly-Erlebniswelt-Karte_mobile