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Kambly Art Collection 2024

T he 36th in a series of annually issued limited-edition items, this exclusive Kambly tin was designed by artist Angela Lyn. A unique collector’s item with its eight exquisite biscuit specialities, it combines exquisite art with fine taste.

“Come join me for tea”

Through her works, artist Angela Lyn successfully creates mysterious moods and spaces that convey inner feelings and evoke stories. In this way she calls on people to pause and to savour moments of joy and silence. And what could go better with a fine cup of tea than a sweet, loving delicacy?

Product information

Net weight: 700 g

Term of delivery: 3 weeks from order

More Art Collection tins from previous years

Rudolf Blaser 2023

The 35th edition of the exclusive Kambly gift tin was designed by the painter Rudolf Blaser.


Organ concert

Rudolf Blaser’s painting style can be described in the broadest sense as holistic and universal. His delicate motifs incorporate the worlds of dreams, heaven and music. His pictures incorporate a great deal of imagination, often coupled with a helping of burlesque humour. The wonderful colours and surprising subjects make his pictures a real experience.

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Silvia Gertsch 2022

The 34nd edition of the exclusive Kambly gift tin was designed by the swiss artist Silvia Gertsch.


Moments in time behind glass

The artist Silvia Gertsch from Berne doesn’t simply show objects or people in her paintings – she brings them to life with light. Using the challenging technique of reverse glass painting, in which she holds her arm behind the picture in order to paint the image in front of her, she manages to effortlessly create another world behind a pane of glass.

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Art Collection_2021_Paula_Barragan

Paula Barragán 2021

The 33rd edition of the exclusive Kambly gift tin was designed by the Ecuadorian artist Paula Barragán.


Traces of Nature
In her artistic work, Paula Barragán uses a wide variety of media. Drawing, painting, collage and digital illustration are in dialogue with each other and inspire each other to illuminate and enrich the creative process and the discovery of the image. Together with Paula Barragán, we are thus taken on a journey into the depths of nature to discover and reinvent it again and again.

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Mirjam Helfenberger 2020

The 32nd edition of the exclusive Kambly gift tin was designed by the Swiss artist Mirjam Helfenberger.


A quest for the essence of things
Mirjam Helfenberger’s works of art invite us to contemplate with her astonished, inner eyes and to open ourselves in wonder to the search for that mysterious force, the source and goal of all life beyond contradiction and ephemera.

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Since the idea was born in 1989 with Jean Tinguely, every year many collectors all over the world look forward to discovering the new tin of the «Kambly Art Collection» series. Produced each autumn in a limited series, the art boxes are each time designed by an artist of international reputation.