A taste of life quality

First and foremost, Kambly products seek to convey an exquisite culinary experience: refined delicacies, created by Kambly’s pastry chefs according to house traditions and inspired by Haute Confection, carefully crafted in accordance with all the rules of the art and using the best possible raw materials – quality is without compromise.


Kambly was one of the first companies to meet stringent international regulations and standards for quality management and product safety. The company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and IFS Food, the international food safety standard.

Origin and authenticity

In the heart of Switzerland, the Emmental region is a place where quality of life is palpable: milk and butter production are age-old occupations and here, the Kambly family have devoted every day of their working lives to baking their specialist goods for the past 100 years. Some of the raw materials are sourced locally, such as the flour and butter, used to make biscuits. These come from the village mill and cheese dairy in Trubschachen.


More than 80% of the raw materials come from Switzerland or are processed in Switzerland, such as the chocolate, which is made for Kambly by renowned Swiss chocolate manufacturers according to their own secret recipes.

kambly-Bretzeli-Woraus_Genusstraume-entstehen_Mobile kambly-Bretzeli-Woraus_Genusstraume-entstehen_Mobile
kambly-Eclats-de-Noisettes-Woraus_Genusstraume-entstehen_Mobile kambly-Eclats-de-Noisettes-Woraus_Genusstraume-entstehen_Mobile

Premium ingredients for premium products

The high quality requirements for our products can only be achieved by using well-balanced recipes of carefully selected natural ingredients.


No preservatives, no artificial flavours, no artificial colourants

The baking process combined with protective, air-tight packaging ensures a shelf life of several months, which makes the use of preservatives unnecessary. Kambly uses no artificial flavours and keeps additives to an absolute minimum. The latter are only used if they are essential for quality purposes, for example raising agent (household baking powder) and natural soya lecithin which occurs in chocolat


No genetically modified ingredients (GMOs)

Kambly does not use any GM ingredients in its products. To hold this standard, we have written assurances from all the suppliers of our raw materials to confirm that they are GMO free. Critical raw materials are tested for GMO content. By using this approach, Kambly ensures that its recipes contain no genetically modified raw materials.