A taste of life quality

First and foremost, Kambly products seek to convey an exquisite culinary experience: refined delicacies, created by Kambly’s pastry chefs according to house traditions and inspired by Haute Confection, carefully crafted in accordance with all the rules of the art and using the best possible raw materials – quality is without compromise.

Quality without compromise

Kambly quality means a careful selection of high-quality and natural ingredients and a balanced composition in valuable recipes. The baking process and protective, sealed pack-aging guarantee a shelf life of several months; preservatives are not necessary.


We use:

  • A minimal use of familiar additives such as raising agents
  • No colourings
  • No artificial flavourings
  • No genetically modified ingredients (GMOs)
  • No palm oil
kambly-Bretzeli-Woraus_Genusstraume-entstehen_Mobile kambly-Bretzeli-Woraus_Genusstraume-entstehen_Mobile
kambly-Eclats-de-Noisettes-Woraus_Genusstraume-entstehen_Mobile kambly-Eclats-de-Noisettes-Woraus_Genusstraume-entstehen_Mobile

Environmentally friendly packaging

Comprehensive quality and food safety management ensures the safety of our products. Our delicate biscuits need adequate protection through appropriate packaging. This guarantees freshness and makes an important contribution to product safety and the avoidance of food waste. Packaging components are kept to an essential minimum. Where possible, they are made from 80% recycled or renewable material.


The folding box made of sustainable fibres is printed with non-toxic, food-safe colours and should be recycled at cardboard collection points. The plastic tray is mainly made of recycled PET mono-material. Switzerland is currently lacking suitable systemic options for recovering materials. The foil also needs to be disposed of by incineration at the moment.


Kambly is committed to developing new, more sustainable solutions in cooperation with the packaging industry. In Switzerland and other countries the current solution for the disposal of packaging is a temporary one, in use until a new and better solution can be found.