As an independent family firm, all of our actions and responsibilities are aimed at long-term success down the generations. We believe it is vital for every business to make a sustainable contribution to humanity and a better world by creating added value and establishing values.

Our contribution to intergenerational sustainability

Acting responsibly as family tradition

Intergenerational thinking determines our day-to-day actions. Our more than 110 years of history at Kambly means four generations of dedicated employees that continue to do their best to inspire customers around the world, with the utmost care and dedication.

Our contribution

  • Responsibility towards our employees: Working conditions, occupational safety and health protection certified according to “Friendly Work Space”.
  • Goodwill towards our stakeholders, contributing to their quality of life.
  • Support for charitable, humanitarian and cultural projects at home and abroad.
  • Rooted in Switzerland, in the Emmental valley with its head office in Trubschachen.

Connection to people and nature

For us, respect for our fellow human beings and respect for all living creatures and nature is the essence of sustainability and determines our day-to-day activities.

Our contribution

  • Conscious and economical use of energy, water and raw materials.
  • Responsibility and due diligence in the supply chain with regard to human rights, environmental and animal welfare risks. Procurement of critical raw materials in certified quality with sustainability label.

Natural ingredients, also from the region

All the ingredients for Kambly specialty biscuits and savoury biscuits are high-quality agricultural products. We use regional ingredients from the Emmental for a large part of the range. Personal relationships with suppliers, short transport routes, certified traceable quality and regional added value characterise these.

Our contribution

  • The Trubschachen village mill has been supplying a significant part of our flour since 1910.
  • Emmental butter comes from the Trubschachen village dairy.
  • Traditional spelt is grown for Kambly in the neighbouring village.
  • Free-range eggs come from two farmers in the vicinity.
  • Swiss chocolate (made to Kambly recipes) is supplied by renowned Swiss chocolate manufacturers.

CO2 Neutral production and «Green Logistics»

Thanks to the state-of-the-art energy concept and efficient use of waste heat, energy consumption and CO2 emissions have been greatly reduced and energy efficiency increased by 80% since 2002.

Our contribution

  • 100% of the currently unavoidable CO2 emissions in production are compensated by certified climate protection projects (Protection of the primary forest and reforestation projects).
  • 100% electricity from hydropower.
  • Member of the funding association of our logistics partner «Green Logistics by Galliker»

Kambly's potential depends on the combined skills of our employees

Kambly currently employs 535 people (full-time equivalents). We encompass more than 50 different professions and offer six vocational training programmes. Our business excellence depends on the excellence of every employee.


Our management approach is one of openness and trust, enabling the Kambly group to achieve sustainable and competitive growth. Our constant quest for further improvement helps us to safeguard jobs, develop our skills and refine our structures.


We have a passion for learning and improving. In everything we think, say and do, quality is the mirror image of our knowledge and skill – the fruit of our willingness to improve. Each day offers new opportunities to learn and develop, both as individuals and as an organisation. Our approach to teamwork begins very much with the individual.

External sustainability rating «Ecovadis» Rating 2022 «Silver» Category

Kambly was one of the first companies to meet stringent international regulations and standards for quality management and product safety. The company is certified according to ISO 9001: 2015 and IFS Food, the international food safety standard.


Since 2013, Kambly has published a sustainability report in accord-ance with GRI standards every four years.