Lush meadows and sunny hilltops

The rolling hills and valleys of the Emmental have been created over thousands of years, as the Emme river has carved its way towards the Swiss Mittelland. The combination of lush meadows, shady woods and green pastures gives the Emmental its beauty and provides the livelihood for its people.

kambly-landschaft-So-schoen-ist-das-Emmental kambly-landschaft-So-schoen-ist-das-Emmental

The land of milk and honey

Fate has brought people, animals and nature together in the Emmental to form a close-knit community. The quality local produce is a gift of nature and the reward for much hard work.

kambly-landschaft-nebel-So-schoen-ist-das-Emmental kambly-landschaft-nebel-So-schoen-ist-das-Emmental

In the heart of Switzerland

Visit the Emmental time and again to enjoy the beautiful countryside and its colourful farm gardens. Experience the harmony between people and nature. The Emmental offers many leisure activities, plenty of interesting places and a tradition of warm hospitality.