As an independent family firm, all of our actions and responsibilities are aimed at long-term success down the generations. We believe it is vital for every business to make a sustainable contribution to humanity and a better world by creating added value and establishing values.

Locally sourced raw materials

All ingredients are high-quality agricultural products that, wherever possible, are sourced from Swiss farmers and Swiss producers. The flour and butter used to bake Kambly biscuits and house specialties from the Emmental are sourced from the village mill and cheese dairy.

kambly-landschaft-Ein-Beitrag-zur-Lebensqualitaet_Mobile kambly-landschaft-Ein-Beitrag-zur-Lebensqualitaet_Mobile

Optimised manufacturing and logistics processes

Thanks to state-of-the-art energy concepts and efficient use of waste heat, energy consumption and CO2 emissions have been greatly reduced, far exceeding legal requirements.

Environmentally friendly packaging

The packaging of food is primarily intended for product safety (no health hazard) and to prolong shelf life (no food waste). Packaging optimisation thus always focuses on protection. Kambly specialities are exquisite, very fine and, consequently rather delicate. Packaging components are kept to an essential minimum. The folding box made of sustainable fibres is printed with non-toxic, food-safe colours and should be recycled at cardboard collection points. The plastic tray is mainly made of recycled PET mono-material. Switzerland is currently lacking suitable systemic options for recovering materials. The foil also needs to be disposed of by incineration at the moment.

Kambly is committed to developing new, more sustainable solutions in cooperation with the packaging industry. In Switzerland and other countries the current solution for the disposal of packaging is a temporary one, in use until a new and better solution can be found.

Kambly's potential depends on the combined skills of our employees

Kambly currently employs 420 people (full-time equivalents). Taking part-timers into account, we have some 450 employees. We encompass more than 50 different professions and offer seven vocational training programmes. Our business excellence depends on the excellence of every employee.


Our management approach is one of openness and trust, enabling the Kambly group to achieve sustainable and competitive growth. Our constant quest for further improvement helps us to safeguard jobs, develop our skills and refine our structures.


We have a passion for learning and improving. In everything we think, say and do, quality is the mirror image of our knowledge and skill – the fruit of our willingness to improve. Each day offers new opportunities to learn and develop, both as individuals and as an organisation. Our approach to teamwork begins very much with the individual.